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TOP 500 FUNNIEST Among Us You Laugh You Lose Challenge 

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29 Jan 2021




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Judith Lopez
Judith Lopez 2 orë më parë
Your the best
Judith Lopez
Judith Lopez 2 orë më parë
Hi kwebbelko
Jinnai Lavinier
Jinnai Lavinier 2 ditë më parë
I actually found a myth in among us that if you are near a vent and a imposter jumps into a vent you will be able to see the person who vented for like 1 second
Rhoda Ramzan
Rhoda Ramzan 3 ditë më parë
I loved thes video 👍😀
Rhoda Ramzan
Rhoda Ramzan 3 ditë më parë
Rhoda Ramzan
Rhoda Ramzan 3 ditë më parë
I hope everyone has a great day
Jason 24 ditë më parë
I was looking the video that you're watching. I was searching Among Us you laugh you lose and I can't find the same video that you're watching. And you are so lucky I laugh 2 times.
Iamdark 007
Iamdark 007 25 ditë më parë
I imagined him sayin' let's get. 2 like and thought he got 0
T H 27 ditë më parë
At 6:30 I no what happened when your on I pad or phone you can try stand still and walk and it look like that
Iancu Daniel
Iancu Daniel 28 ditë më parë
Pumba why kill me among us
Harvir singh
Harvir singh 28 ditë më parë
Teejay 28 ditë më parë
Jillian Parkin
Jillian Parkin Muaj më parë
Nancy Tzunux
Nancy Tzunux Muaj më parë
Dylan Urias
Dylan Urias Muaj më parë
Domenic Israel
Domenic Israel Muaj më parë
I love your vids
Vanaja Venumadhavan
Vanaja Venumadhavan Muaj më parë
At 0:51 it shows youtuber PUMBA's username whick means he is just reacting to his vid
Vanaja Venumadhavan
Vanaja Venumadhavan Muaj më parë
I even saw this vid few days back
Shiva Bharatendu
Shiva Bharatendu Muaj më parë
Your watching PUMBAS CHANNEL
TeMPeR_Abu Muaj më parë
blimbu limbu
blimbu limbu Muaj më parë
blimbu limbu
blimbu limbu Muaj më parë
No is like hell
Jason Brookman
Jason Brookman Muaj më parë
Hey Judy you know nay would know who was held by the whole time I watched his video was actually tiger
Jayden Wilson
Jayden Wilson Muaj më parë
dwi julian
dwi julian Muaj më parë
1:41 how do you dont know that is so popular
King of Free Fire
King of Free Fire Muaj më parë
I played with PUMBA
lisha remesh
lisha remesh Muaj më parë
It's pumba😀
Candi Smit
Candi Smit Muaj më parë
Zip have watched the whole vid that he if watching its an our long
shanoj gopal
shanoj gopal Muaj më parë
it's not called light blue it's called cyan
matilo Muaj më parë
This reminds me of when I got hached
Desmond Edwards
Desmond Edwards Muaj më parë
I sub to Pumba
Wensheng Liu
Wensheng Liu Muaj më parë
You people who are not here if you can see this don’t do500 dislikes
Jared Lau
Jared Lau Muaj më parë
OwO Alexa hajomA
OwO Alexa hajomA Muaj më parë
RockYT Muaj më parë
2 likes? Hmm looks like 1 likes:(
Nintendo Gaming
Nintendo Gaming Muaj më parë
Jordi not 2 likes 18K likes
Arev Mikaelyan
Arev Mikaelyan Muaj më parë
I know pumba because I am a fan of him and he is smart by knowing the imposter and when he is a imposter he knows what to do
Benji Tubi
Benji Tubi Muaj më parë
Whenever I know someone is the impostor I always say in the chat, "Ladies and gentlemen... we got em!"
Cynacule U
Cynacule U Muaj më parë
I'm really liking these reaction videos they're my favourites.
Neogreen YEET
Neogreen YEET Muaj më parë
Do a nerf war
Αθηνα Παπαδοπουλου
You should have watched clash universe 50 among us tips and tricks before you'd react to this buddy
Oliver Buckley
Oliver Buckley Muaj më parë
I love your vids I watch them 6 hours straght
MANIDIPA'S KITCHEN Tasty & Yummy Food Recipes
6:27 HACKING??!?! look at the ping 😂
Uriah Jones
Uriah Jones Muaj më parë
I Love YOUR VideoS
Annaliza Loquias
Annaliza Loquias Muaj më parë
Patrick Foundas
Patrick Foundas Muaj më parë
Do you lives left
Leo Sala
Leo Sala Muaj më parë
Pumba is my favourite ALdeskr among us
jarry pannu
jarry pannu Muaj më parë
Jordo shouts like abgirl
a kid's life
a kid's life Muaj më parë
Dawie Kernekamp
Dawie Kernekamp Muaj më parë
Pumba is soo good ayt amoung us
Maya Suhono
Maya Suhono Muaj më parë
I watched pumba before
Blastblorgen Muaj më parë
💯 percent Jordi will not like this comment
Ain Cion YT
Ain Cion YT Muaj më parë
I watched his Video WardTNT And More Is 10b Iq Players I Also Watch PUMBA
Ruby Jane Cas
Ruby Jane Cas Muaj më parë
Your mom my server always been locked
Kalusha Katjaimo
Kalusha Katjaimo Muaj më parë
Potato chips
RG Muaj më parë
kwebbelkop watching pumba channel but my friends thinks hes pumba let me know if i could trust him
rehana sultana
rehana sultana Muaj më parë
Freddy Marry
Freddy Marry Muaj më parë
He watching PUMBA VIDEO
LEONG YING ZAC Moe Muaj më parë
Ibrahim Yasar
Ibrahim Yasar Muaj më parë
Abishek T
Abishek T Muaj më parë
Jordi stop doing "other games" and "Minecraft" and start doing "GTA 5"
Savanah Shiera Castro
Savanah Shiera Castro Muaj më parë
kwebbelkop pumbas video are scripted
Abdikafi Ali
Abdikafi Ali Muaj më parë
I won't laugh
Jaida Woodgates
Jaida Woodgates Muaj më parë
Keep up the amazing work jordi
Daily Sievers
Daily Sievers Muaj më parë
Tune In
Tune In Muaj më parë
Deaglan Lizamore
Deaglan Lizamore Muaj më parë
Me of the challenge! 1 life lost 2 life's left
PUMBA is known a great among us player
Ové Adams
Ové Adams Muaj më parë
i like the cut k
King_the_champ 26
King_the_champ 26 Muaj më parë
your the best jordi
FLAME4452 Muaj më parë
he didnt bleep out cuss word at 5:13 MY LIFE IS RUINED :) XDXDXDXDXXD
Shaurya Prabhulkar
Shaurya Prabhulkar Muaj më parë
My wish is to get heart from kwbbelkop but will stay wish
Marie Evans
Marie Evans Muaj më parë
Great vids👍👍👍👍
Jacob Lucas
Jacob Lucas Muaj më parë
It's a button card report it's not hard
Jacob Lucas
Jacob Lucas Muaj më parë
Just saying it's easier to report Why does nobody does not hard
suzanne gordon
suzanne gordon Muaj më parë
spitzmaitions Muaj më parë
This is funny
The wirskay gaming
The wirskay gaming Muaj më parë
I love your videos and when I see them they make my day 😊😊
Shakeel Inayat
Shakeel Inayat Muaj më parë
Dud i have seen this in ALdesk but it's called pumba and it's hyper fun
Kasim TK
Kasim TK Muaj më parë
gaming with tz makes more funny videos than pumba
Frenda dmello
Frenda dmello Muaj më parë
pong barcena
pong barcena Muaj më parë
Me:Tired and sleepy* Jordi:*Uploads* Also me:Clicks and Energized And SAYS REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE*
Laurenz Gaming official
Umm hi did u saw the second video? I saw someone vented in the med bay😂
Ikmalnasir Muaj më parë
Jordi: Love every Comments Me: i wanna get Hearted too XD❤️
TypicalExolinerUser Muaj më parë
Could you please do a toturial how to download a mod menu for gta 5 story mode? you the only one i would trust whit downloads
Otgonbayar Khh
Otgonbayar Khh Muaj më parë
Do u know red is always imposter because MEME DONT LIE!!!
Faisal M Hasmi
Faisal M Hasmi Muaj më parë
I know pumba
Zypro Muaj më parë
Jordi keeps making our quarantine allot better
ultra gaming lol
ultra gaming lol Muaj më parë
Hoi kwebbelkop
Jarl Balgruuf the Greater
Tsaqiif Sharma
Tsaqiif Sharma Muaj më parë
Ayman Emadeldin
Ayman Emadeldin Muaj më parë
Hey I am watching Pumba
Zedrick Canopin
Zedrick Canopin Muaj më parë
Wtf am i watching
Klent Patalinghug
Klent Patalinghug Muaj më parë
Well i do like it
Jennifer Thomas
Jennifer Thomas Muaj më parë
my sister hates you and she thinks that you do weird videos!
Klent Patalinghug
Klent Patalinghug Muaj më parë
I all redy wach that is not funy
I love u men keep up the brilliant work I wish I could meet u
Jermaine Paul Biascan
Jermaine Paul Biascan Muaj më parë
: B O R E D
Ricky Gairola
Ricky Gairola Muaj më parë
He shouts too much i can't hear what the characters are saying
Kezia Kanneganti
Kezia Kanneganti Muaj më parë
Goodwill vs king kong
Giftson official
Giftson official Muaj më parë
Gracz Vids
Gracz Vids Muaj më parë
Why are all of the comments so sh.t
Faqja Tjeter
Kuruluş Osman 48. Bölüm
Kuruluş Osman 48. Bölüm
Happy Valentine's Day🌹